Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Making choices and living them out, enjoying TIME

My heart is heavy for my sister Lesha and her husband Rob today. Rob's dad is very sick. It is all very sudden. Lesha and Rob have already had a challenging 2014. Lesha got her ICD earlier this year, but the first time around it was not a success. She had to have two surgeries over a 24 hour period. There was uncertainty and concern and lots and lots of praying. She is doing a lot better now. I imagine that having this device is a big adjustment. And there are medications too. My sisters are so brave for just moving forward. Doing what they need to do for their health and then being moms, wives, sisters,aunts, daughters, friends... and finding JOY in life.

Now Rob and Lesha are at Rob's dad's side processing the fact that his cancer has really spread. They are making decisions regarding his health. They are trying to be a comfort and happiness for him right now. Their kids are on spring break but can't be with them at this moment. I am reminded often that life is short and that we really have to enjoy the time we have.

I want to be kind and giving, forgiving and I want to show grace.
Life can be so busy, a little frustrating, disappointing at times, demanding but there is so much good too. And if we focus on "the good" we kind of share that good.

Oren is really great about sharing the good stuff! 

Spring Break is JUST around the corner.
I will be happy to have all four of these kids at home.

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Natasha said...

Such a hard time! And a reminder that things can happen so quickly.