Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's the weekend

Emerging Reader
Chunky thighs
He loves books, songs and rhymes.
I love this age.

He is ten months now... he has more cuddles and love from his big sister! 
I love this!! 

footie pajamas, with the Nikes if we head outside or to the shop. :)

Oren and I are home while the rest of the family enjoys baseball today!! 
GOOOO Chiefs!! 

This little guy has been sick. No fever yet today however so I am praying he is on the mend. This is the first time he has ever been sick.

We got some rain yesterday and last night. Our lawn is really greening up. Spring really has sprung.
I have spinach and arugula planted. We do not go a day without eating spinach. I put it in smoothies, we have it in salads, egg dishes, on sandwiches, in wraps. I would love it if our spinach in the garden really took off. I am glad the weekend is here! 
I hope my little guy feels back to normal soon. It is so hard to see our babies sick.

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