Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Missing my mom, here it is March 25 again.

Mom at Target
I was just at Target yesterday. 
I have a lot of fun memories of shopping with her there. 
What I wouldn't give for one more day! 

My mom and my sis Lesha

Mom and Grandpa Ken
My mom went to heaven on March 25th and then a few of years later my Grandpa entered heaven's gates on that same date. It was a beautiful blessing to be able to speak very openly with both of them. My Grandpa Ken and my mom were really easy to be around. They had a lot of love, kindness and they both had Jesus in their hearts. I miss them both very much.

Dinner in Moses Lake with mom, Matt and Phil! 

My mom and dad

I shared recently on my blog that I found a card my mom had written me not long before she passed away. I hadn't seen the card in ten or so years! So finding it in a bin of college papers, report cards etc was a really special find. She had also sent me a picture of my family's home. There my mom is on her front porch with her beautiful flowers. Just a few days before she died, she told my sister Lesha that she was excited for spring and told her she wanted to sew some pillows for her bench on the front porch. It was shocking when she passed away just a few days later. Today, I feel like I could write a book. But, Hazel just hollered down to me that Oren has a dirty diaper. I need to swap out the laundry and need to see if I have all of the ingredients for a potato dish I am going to make tonight. Thinking of all of these "jobs" makes me think of my sweet mom too! She had five children. She was always busy. My dad was always working, so she had a lot on her plate. But she had time to laugh, be a fun mom and make memories with her family.

To imagine her in heaven with her sister, father, mother and father in law, grandson and many others... oh it makes my heart hurt and it is a comfort all at the same moment. So many things I do not understand and you know the older I get, I still don't understand. But I do know 
I had an incredible mom!! 
Life is short.
We never know when a loved one could be gone.
I treasure EVERY SINGLE day.
Family is a precious gift.
When we feel burdened, sad or lonely, God cares. He will carry our sadness.
We have hope in Him.

I miss my mom everyday, but oh do I miss her today.


Leah Roy said...

Hugging you and your family today!!

Amber Newman said...

Your post filled me with tears. There is no other bond like a momma and daughter bond. I want to hug and cry with every woman that has experienced that kind of loss & ripping in their soul. Praise the Lord we have a greater hope & promise of reuniting one day.

Natasha said...

Love all those pictures of her. As I went through some pictures today, I thought again about how important pictures are! I love the memories we have of mom and the example she was to us!

Maria said...

Hugs to you dear friend. Your posts about your mom always make me tear up. The memories you share are truly sweet.