Saturday, March 1, 2014

These Four I Adore

Merit. This boy is responsible, caring and he is a hard worker!
On and off the field or court. ;)
He is growing up a lot! 

Loves an adventure! 
He is an outdoor kid, wildnerness boy, he is great at math! He is so sweet to his sister.
He's a great kid.

Oren Paul, loves his bath and loves playing!

He is so very sweet.

This girl is sweet, imaginative and VERY fun to hang out with!! 
Hazel Jane, I am so glad I have a daughter! 

Yesterday we played for hours in Hazel's room. She loves being a little mama and home maker in here. Oren loves playing in Hazel's room as well.

Matt and Phil left Lynden around 4 this morning and got here at 8:30. We are enjoying our time with them. The kids LOVE time with their uncles.


Katie said...

Love your pictures and always inspire me to just relish in the now. Love you friend!

Natasha said...

I just love all those kids! They are all so unique and fun!