Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Merit's regular league baseball ended last Thursday.
What a fun team, encouraging, fun coaches... good times.
Last night practice started for All Stars. Wow, we will be
busy!! Lots of baseball in our future.

Carter (#3) is a great baseball player! He also likes to make time for Hazel.
He is always so sweet to her at games and practices. :)

It was fun to have Matt, Phil, Cody (Phil's buddy) and Rob,
Lesha and family in Moses Lake over the weekend.

campfire fun

Willem loves a good fire.

Brielle and a delicious s'mores

Miss Hazel
Sunday the guys golfed while Lesha and I took the six kids to the water park.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was really fun to be there. The
kids played great and had a ball.

Loved visiting and laughing with Lesha!
Natasha, we missed you! We wished you were here!!

Brother Phil
This guy makes me laugh, smile. He's such a good guy!

Merit, Matt and Will
Uncle Matt stayed the longest. We soaked him up!

Merit with a s'mores

my bros


Debra said...

Wow...what a busy fun filled weekend! You are so blessed to have such a close relationship with all your siblings...

Natasha said...

I am so glad you guys had fun without me. :) Great pictures. Love all my siblings!