Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Update

This girl.
Oh I am crazy about her. She has the cutest voice. She makes me smile.

I have had lots of photography fun lately!! Seniors, one year olds, families...

More pics on my photography blog...

Card making has been fun... check out my etsy shop!

These weeks are busy and good.
Last night was Merit's last regular league baseball game. Getting to know the players, the coaches and their families was REALLY fun!
I find myself getting teary eyed a lot... rather emotional lately. And no, I am not pregnant (but wouldn't that be great news to report. ;) Anyway, when I watch some of these boys play with so much HEART, it makes me teary eyed. And when I watch single dads bust their butts to get their sons to practices and games... it makes me thankful that Vance and I share the resonsibility that some folks carry alone.

Can't wait to see some family this weekend!


Katie said...

Cute cards, beautiful pictures... have a fun weekend Michele! We begin baseball games next week, looking forward to that. Both boys have informed me that they are "power hitters". Cute, glad they don't lack any confidence! Preschool is finished, now I feel like I can take a breath. Will call you next week, maybe we can meet for fro yo or a coffee when I come into Moses. Don't know which day yet... love you.

Debra said...

Michele, you are too cute! I totally get the teary eyed & the emotions that go with it... They are only at that stage at that moment. I miss watching baseball. All my friends boys are all grown that I used to watch play. I hope Jayven will want to play. :)Have a great weekend with your family!