Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jansen Family Happenings

There is something about watching this boy play baseball that is really good for the soul.
There is something about his attitude and drive that makes me smile.
I thank God for Merit's talent and good sportsmanship.

Merit had a tournament Saturday and Sunday. Baseball, baseball and more baseball. Merit is on two baseball teams and is learning a lot and gaining skill. Merit gets a lot more playing time on the Reds team compared to the Rebels, but he is having fun on both teams. Vance had an opportunity to go to Vegas with his dad, brother and the Allred guys. It was cool they could do this weekend trip. The three kids and I were at the baseball fields. Willem and Hazel had a ball. Willem rode his scooter, was excited about the concession stand snacks and had fun hanging out. Hazel loves the playground and making new friends. Thanks to Sandy and Gramma Kris for their support and fun... we had a great weekend!

The weather has been beautiful.
Yesterday Willem, Hazel and I met Vance for a lunch date at the Japanese Gardens.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Hazel is very crazy about her dad. She is SO excited when he gets home from work. If he is gone overnight or for a couple of days, she asks about him often. I love this.


Debra~ said...

Michele, I love all the pictures of your sweet kids. I love the one of Hazel kissing her daddy! How precious... The boys seem to have so much fun no matter what they do. They are so Blessed to have you as their MOM!

Natasha said...

Oh Hazel's hair is so darn cute! Great action shots of Merit too!