Monday, May 21, 2012


We had a busy, great weekend. Friday night was All Star baseball tryouts. We received word earlier in the week that Merit had been nominated by his regular league coach. The tryouts were exciting to watch. We got a call yesterday that Merit made the team! Then, Saturday and Sunday we supported the Ninjas soccer team in Yakima! Merit and the other Ninjas played a great tournament. They worked well together as a team, hustled and were just fun to watch.
We camped Saturday night in Naches and it was beautiful!! There was a hiking trail that was fantastic. There was a bridge that crossed the Naches River, it was fun to cross on foot and a bit scary too. Willem loves nature and any kind of outdoor adventure so this certainly was his cup of tea. We had a really nice time together.

exploring girl!!

There were lots and lots of wildflowers blooming.

 awesome sight

I have more pictures to post!! I will be back in a couple of days...
Willem's allergies are kind of bad right now! This time of year is when it hits.
I feel bad for him. He loves to be outside but his eyes can get so red and itchy.
I came down with a cold. And Vance isn't feeling great today...
yikes, we need to all get to feeling better. It is another busy week. ;)


Leah Roy said...

What a fun family adventure! I sure hope Willem's allergies improve, it is so sad when he can't do the things he loves because of them. I have to let you know that Kyle has the WORST allergies, still does actually. But, when we were growing up he used to have to stay inside during recess in the spring bc it was so bad. But he did a lot of readin in the library and I swear that's where his love for reading stems from :) Hope you have a great week, Michele!

Debra said...

Beautiful pictures Michele! Sounds like a busy fun weekend. What a little cutie your sweet Hazel is... Poor Willem having to deal with alleries. Congrats to Merit making it on the team. Have a good week.

Liz said...

Congrats to Merit for making the team! Your camping trip pictures are so pretty! What a fun trip! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

kelly said...

Oh how fun!!! I didn't know you camped there. Yay for Merit making the All Stars!!!I hope that you guys get to feeling better soon! Daniel is having a time with allergies too...he's had a dry cough for some time, it came back as soon as we ran out of their Zyrtec. :( poor Willem <3