Monday, June 4, 2012

Art Fair, baseball, FUN!

The Art Fair and BBQ was Friday at the boys' school!! I loved
viewing these art projects and spending time with the artists!

One of my favorite artists.

Merit's Charlotte's Web project

We love watching this boy pitch.
The pressure Merit puts on himself is pretty intense sometimes and he has been
juggling a really busy schedule.
We are proud of his hard work in school, his good attitude and his baseball skill.
We want baseball to be fun for him!
The tournament this past weekend was exciting and fun. :)

I love this boys' heart!

Papa and Grandma came to visit and support Merit.

Moses Lake played for first and second and got second.
The teamwork, skill and good sportsmanship we saw was great.

I am looking forward to some down days. Days spent in the yard with little or nothing to do.
I am also thankful that I (think) Merit will enjoy baseball more once the school year comes to a close.
We are excited for more baseball and hanging out as a family.
New challenges and new joys come with each stage of parenting. I am so thankful for this job,
even on the hard days. I pray a lot, I find joy in the journey and I am tired when my head hits the pillow!
Willem's kinder graduation is this week!!
Also some fun field trips and field day.

Our girl in her little bikini

Hazel and Aunt Carly picking strawberries

Willem and his bowl full of yummy strawberries!

Oh Hazel!


Natasha said...

Merit's Charlotte's Web project turned out great! I am glad that he had fun at the tournament and that Stan and Adie were able to come too, fun!

kelly said...

I so love the boys' artwork and projects!!! My favorite kind of stuff and Hazel is such a cutie in that bathing suit!