Friday, October 7, 2011

Sibling Love

Today I am so incredibly thankful that my kids love eachother like they do.
From the day the boys met Hazel, they adored her. They dote on her, are really
sweet to her, they are very proud of her when she learns new things and they think
she is very funny. Watching this has
been more fun than I ever could have imagined.
Hazel now sometimes likes to play with some of the boys things she shouldn't. She also
loves to pretend to do homework so when the boys do theirs, I give
her a little something to work on. They are patient as towers are knocked over, hot
wheels cars are removed from the perfect line up or homework is written on.
When Willem gets hurt, Hazel runs to him to pat his head, kiss him or hug him.
It has been really fun to watch.

Rolling, diving and playing in the leaves

Towards the end of summer, Merit and Willem
were doing their share of fighting. They have much less time to fight now! School,
homework, soccer, social events etc keep them busy and they seem to get along
better. :)

Willem and Hazel had fun raking leaves over top of eachother.

A little kiss from the big bro.

Merit has a soccer tournament this weekend!
It should be fun!


Kelley Gubler said...

Love that last picture! Im loving watching my kids love on preston too. but theres something so sweet about a big brother looking out for his little sister :)

Natasha said...

I love seeing those boys love Hazel like they do. The leaves pictures! How I miss falling leaves, the palm trees just don't do that :)

kelly said...

Wonderful fall leaves! What a blessing to have children who love and take care of each other so much!!!

Maria said...
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