Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Ninjas, the soccer team that Merit is on, has improved, a lot. From what I see, determination has quite a bit to do with it. I see determination in the coach and in his players. I also see positive attitudes and quite a lot of heart.

A little over a week ago, the Ninjas played in a Friday night and Saturday tournament. When we got the schedule for the tournament, we noticed that there would be two play off games. Two teams would play for 1st and 2nd and two other teams for 3rd and 4th. I sadly admit that I almost scheduled a photography session for the same time that the play off games were to take place. Merit's team, before the tournament, wasn't a winning team.

I told a very eager, determined Merit about how the tournament was scheduled to go down. He said "So we might be playing in a play off game?!" We discussed how it was unlikely, but not impossible. Meanwhile, his coach coached those boys in such an excellent, determined, good sportsmanship kind way and Merit seemed to think he would be playing in a play off game. He kept talking about it.

Friday nights game was awesome. Both teams played so well. Our Ninjas ended up winning so it was on to Saturday mornings game. We lost the Saturday morning game, but won a game that afternoon. Points were given for goals and wins. The determined Ninjas ended up playing for first and second. I was embarrassed that I didn't think they could do it. I was thankful that I hadn't scheduled a photo session for that time :)  and I was so excited to watch these boys play for 1st or 2nd. They played so well. They played with good attitudes and determination and they are encouraged to play like that. They are respectful for the most part. I have learned quite a lot from them.

The Ninjas took second. And Merit cried softly as they walked off the field. This kid puts so much heart into every game and I LOVE to watch him play. Merit's coach "gets him" for this I am so grateful.

I have truly become a soccer mom. Running to practices and games reminds me so much of my mom running to my brothers practices and games! It is a life I really love and I am also so thankful that Willem and Hazel enjoy all the running around! On practice nights, the bike and stroller often comes with us to the field and we get to enjoy fresh air and get some exerise! Last night our walk/bike ride was beautiful! The leaves are changing at Cascade Park. There were sprinkled leaves all along the trail. On game days, Vance and I enjoy watching the Ninjas while Will and Hazel Jane socialize! They are always meeting new friends.

Hazel playing with her friends


Today I had the fun opportunity to volunteer in Willem's classroom. I loved it!
He is determined to be a good student, to be kind, to obey...

I pray that I will continue to see determination in all of our children.
That they will be determined to reach for their goals,
to follow Jesus, to do their best and to work hard.


April said...

Isn't it fun and exciting to watch your kids participate in team sports and to learn so much about themselves and their teammates? Love the pictures!

Kelley Gubler said...

That's awesome for Merit! Poor Caiden's team didn't have quite that level of skill this year, lol. But he had fun anyway.

Katie said...

I loved this post--Merit is such a great kid :) We've had our taste of soccer this fall too, sort of controls our life! But fun indeed and Jace has learned so much. I love your heart and your prayer for your kids...Michele, you're such a wonderful mama.

Maria said...

Michele, I see the same passion and zest for life in your kids that you have for every day! This post of Merit is no exception. Love it!