Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall --- oh how I love this time of year!

Tea and black bottom cupcakes, yum!
My black bottom cupcake recipe is really simple. I buy the cake mix that make 12 cup cakes.
If you buy a small cake mix like that, each cupcake has lots of the yummy cream
cheese filling!! Prepare cake mix according to instructions on box. Poor batter
into 12 muffin cups. Or, I like to do two mini loaf pans and 6 cupcakes.
For the filling: 1 oz block of cream cheese softened, 1 egg and 1/4 cup sugar oh and chocolate chips! 1/2 cup - 1 cup. Bake according to instructions on cake mix. These are wonderful.

This has been a really good week. The boys are loving school. Willem's brain is a sponge! Oh I can't believe all he is learning. It is so wonderful!!
Merit's problem solving is impressive. It is really fun to see what they have learned. We have, once again, been blessed with FABULOUS teachers! Both of these boys have the most terrific, talented teachers who LOVE their jobs! I am so thankful for these dedicated teachers.

On Tuesday I had tea and goodies with a friend here and we went on a fall walk... oh how good for the soul!
Then yesterday, I hosted a little card making evening in our cozy cabin. We especially enjoy our cabin this time of year. It is a warm, cozy retreat. I wish I would have gotten some pictures down there!
Oh well, I hope to do it again in November.

The leaves are so pretty! And Willem loves to rake!

I have five photo shoots this weekend! Whew! It will be busy, but fun.
This is the BEST time of year to take pictures!

The kids are really excited for Halloween (Willem especially).
It will be a fun weekend.


Natasha said...

Oh those leaf pictures! AMAZING!! I wish I could have been at your card making night. Have a great weekend!

The Price Family said...

Great pics! I love all of your posts about FALL! Your blog is one of my favorites and you are so very very talented!