Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mornings with Hazel

The boys are enjoying school. Merit is doing very
well. He enjoys his teacher and has great stories about friends.
Willem has a very sweet teacher and I am SO thankful
he is in morning kindergarten.
While those two are away, Hazel and I have wonderful mornings together.

Helping me clean the kitchen!
One morning last week we worked in the kitchen
ALL morning. Clipping coupons, mopping the floor... here she is
wiping down the fridge. :)

Hazel, I love these mornings with you.


Lesha said...

I love this, her smile on the one at the table is enchanting and sweet. You two are blessed to have eachother.

April said...
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April said...

So precious! Hazel is at such a sweet age...I miss it!

Natasha said...

It is so fun to just hang out with one of your children and really give them your full attention. I am sure Hazel misses her big brother while they are gone, but she probably really likes having all your attention :) She is so funny and cute!