Friday, October 21, 2011

Our sweet Hazel is TWO!

Happy 2nd Birthday Hazel!!

Adored from the very start

Case and Hazel

I really didn't think this little Hazel would end up being so blonde!

Hazel and Kyrie -- her California buddy

Kendal and Hazel on Grandpa Vic's lap

Crescent Bar Fun!!

Hazel and Grandpa Jim

Hazel and Jocelynne

Hazel, we thank God for you!
You have brought us SO much JOY!!!
Happy Second Birthday Sweetie!!!


Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Hazel Jane! Can't wait to see her soon. I love all the pictures!

Jonathan and Kristen said...

Happy Birthday, Hazey bu-Daisy! You are too cute for words!

kelly said...

She is too cute for words! I hope she has a very special birthday today! <3 lots of love!

Maria said...

Oh little Hazel, how can you be two already??? It seems that just yesterday your mommy was telling me she would love to have a little girl. :) And here you are...bringing so much joy to everyone you are around. Happy Birthday!!! (This was my favorite age with Jocelynne.)

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Hazel Jane! The last two years have gone so fast...too fast! You are such a sweetie, Little Hazel. :)

April said...

That is unreal that she is TWO! Where has time gone??? I absolutely love her in those piggy tails!

Lindy said...

Happy Birthday Hazel! 2 years old already, WOW! That last picture of her I totally see Brielle.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Hazel!