Saturday, January 2, 2010


looking back at 2009
January - Natasha, Reese and Lane ring in the New Year with us before driving back to CA. snowy, fun, cozy days indoors --Willem turns 3. Vance vacations in Mexico with cousin Jason, my bro Matt, his dad, Blake, Uncle Jim and the list goes on.
February - We discover I am pregnant!!
March -Merit is loving kindergarten.
Will is a total handful. A three year old is tougher than a 2 year old in my opinion and March may have been our most challenging month with Willem. During this time I enjoyed a Beth Moore Bible study with a small group of incredible women!
April - spring break! YAY! I celebrate my birthday. We enjoy the boat races in Moses Lake and spend more time outside. Our niece Kendal is born!
May - school, spring, longer days, mom's growing belly... life is good! I am knee deep in college classes - wanting to keep my teaching cert. current.
June-  Merit graduates from kindergarten.Lissa, Trav and the girls visit (we meet Greta T for the first time!) We enjoy a weekend at Oma's lodge in Leavenworth with my family! My boys are patient as I spend MANY hours on the computer working on homework and typing essays.
July - Aquatic Center fun, hot days in Gramma Kris' pool -- lovin' summer weather and lazy days!
Cary, Nate and their beautiful four girls visit
Our nephew Case is born!
August - Jansen "reunion" at Mindy's -- Company Picnic~ What a blast~ and time with Papa and Gramma, Grandpa Jim and extended family
Our family of four enjoys the Ketchikan cabin with Vic, Carly and Kelcy.
Vance goes fishing in Alaska with Dan and Kraig.
September - Merit starts 1st grade! Will begins preschool! We fly to Lynden with Grandpa Vic. Vic,Vance and the boys go crabbing at Birch Bay with Brad. I enjoy some much needed time with my dear friend Lissa and my sis Lesha and kids~ I LOVE being pregnant and LOVE feeling the baby-to-be move, squirm and kick! God is so good!
October - our family loves watching Merit play soccer! We enjoy cheering him on at his games! We eagerly await the birth of our baby girl! I am induced on October 7th, but this little girl decides she is not ready to come. Merit celebrates his 7th birthday on the 14th! On October 21st Hazel Jane joins our family. What a JOY, what a blessing! Thank you Lord for sweet Hazel. 
November - Thanksgiving in Lynden! What an awesome time we had!! We are all soaking up Hazel Jane!
December - Vance celebrates his birthday. The kids look so forward to Christmas. Willem sings songs about Mary and baby Jesus from his carseat as we run errands, both boys do a wonderful job in their Christmas programs. Hazel is content and sweet.
Christmas is spent in Lynden. We see tons of family and our boys love catching up with their cousins.
We feel so blessed.

Happy New Year!

I'll list my resolutions -- you all can help hold me accountable! :)
1. ENJOY the NOW
2. rest, read and relax more
more reading my Bible, more relaxing on the couch with my children, more baby holding
3.bring EXERCISE back into my daily routine

I have lots of pics to post... maybe in a day or two. Hazel has been such a happy baby - for this I am soo thankful! The boys are CRAZY about her and help me with her so much. Christmas break has been so peaceful, I wish the boys had another week off! More soon, Michele


Anonymous said...

Great recap on 2009. Sounds like you guys had a really great year! Great resolutions! Happy New Year!

tami said...

Nice rundown of 2009 of your busy and growing family.

I appreciate you posting your resolutions- accountability and all!