Monday, January 4, 2010


We LOVE having a baby in the house. I want to soak up EVERY moment. I can't get wrapped up in feeling that time passes by too quickly. That is life and I have to ENJOY the NOW! I get frustrated occasionally that I am not more organized too. I think if I had a place for everything and less clutter we'd be better off. Today I cleaned our family room carpet... oh the dirt seemed even worse after I went over it once - then I cleaned it again and it looked quite a bit better. This was my big chore for the day... then the rest of the day was basic: making meals, cleaning up, nursing, changing diapers and playing with the kids. Hazel  is content to just lay down and watch the boys - but I love her in my arms~!
The Chief at the Dunes
We love cruising in this rig!


Merit lost one of his top front teeth and it has changed his look so much.

Merit -- our sweet, compassionate, smart first grader! What a good kid he is! Today Will and I didn't like saying goodbye to Christmas break and having to send Merit off to school. Willem is always up for a game; Guess Who, Memory, Candy Land, Apples to Apples and the list goes on! But I think his favorite "activity" is helping out with his baby sister and making sweet Hazel Jane smile. (He doesn't even mind wiping up spit up!:)
We enjoyed some sand dunes fun on Saturday. What a blast. And it was BEAUTIFUL out there.


Katie said...

We too were sad to see Jace off to school this morning. Got back from vacation last night, so it didn't seem like we had enough time at home over the break! I'm behind on my posts but will get around to posting about it :)

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Your pictures were so fun to look at, you're so talented Michele!

Thanks for the sweet cards and recipes! What a fun treat to get in the mail. I love making cards too so I always appreciate hand-made sentiments! That was very thoughtful of you.

Enjoy January...always a long and dreary month. Let's have lunch or coffee one of these days! I'd love to meet Hazel and I'm sure that Cade and Will could have a fun time together!!!
Love, Katie

Natasha said...

Great pictures Michele. As much as I love the weather here, seeing those pictures of snow makes me miss is a little. Love Merit's "new" smile!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so pretty! The landscape is just beautiful!

Maria said...

these landscape photos are amazing Michele!!! I especially like the pic of Merit in the truck :)