Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A wonderful Christmas

Our Christmas in Lynden was really fun. We were able to see lots and lots of family! Our boys had a ball. Hazel was a content angel! What a fun long weekend!! I took several random pictures! Here goes...

My sis Lesha and niece Brielle (isn't she adorable?!)
Brielle, Will and Lane -- cousins!
Merit on Christmas morning!
Will on Christmas morning!
My brother Matt and nephew Case
Lane and Merit, cousins, buddies, wrestling pals
sisters! I am SO crazy about these girls!
Dinner at dad's out in the shop
My dad cooked a delicious prime rib dinner.
Abby and Hazel - our niece Abby is so good with babies! It was fun to have her help and Hazel loved her. Christmas morning at my in laws - Stan and Adie's - was fun, comfortable and cozy... just like always.

Me, Hazel, Lissa and Greta. Lissa is so dear to me! We have been friends since were were FIVE years old. The memories the two of us have are endless and they are TREASURED. She has been at my side through the best of times and the worst of times. We were childhood friends going through Ebenezer Christian (a small private school in Lynden). So many memories to laugh about now... how wonderful it is going through school having a BEST friend!
We hung out in high school, we married friends, we were in eachothers weddings. All four of us, Vance, me, Lissa and Travis graduated from highschool the same year. Lissa was an amazing amount of support -- not just to me but to my siblings and grandparents too -- when my mom died. Her empathy and love was incredible. God really showed his care through Lissa and we were and are so blessed by her!! ( my siblings love her too, BTW)
Lissa and I had our first babies (Emma and Merit) one day apart! And Lissa and I are just one day apart! Can you believe that!? I am one day older than Lissa and Merit is one day older than Emma! Now Lissa and I are both busy moms of three little ones! Lissa has three adorable girls. Our kids love eachother, our husbands laugh together and we will always be there to laugh with and cry with eachother. I am blessed.


Alisa said...

Happy New Year, My Friend! Your kiddos are cute as ever. Hazel is such a sweetpea. Glad your holidays were so much fun.:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! What a blessing to have such a dear friend!

Mindy K said...

Great pictures. The picture of Abby loving on Hazel is priceless to me.
Love it.