Friday, January 8, 2010

Boy on the run, new grin for Merit, cuddle baby

Willem asks me at least seven times a day if I want to race. We race to the car, we race from the car to the store, we race downstairs to do laundry... If we aren't racing, we are playing a game or pretending.
Yesterday he was a cat for at least half of the day.
Fruit snacks are energy treats for the cat. He has a kennel for when his behavior is out of control and he has amazing cat "super powers" This cat can vacuum, wash windows, bring me diapers and wipes for Hazel and deliver me snacks! I am good at this "cat game" I had tons of practice with my nieces Molly and Hannah when they were younger!
Merit's new grin! He looks so different without that front top tooth! I love, love, love listening to this super student read! His reading has really taken off.

Oh and a little wink for you from our Hazel!! Along with some cuddle pictures and smiles too! She is two and a half months and a doll!!
I must say this has been a tiring week. Willem was sick and had several coughing fits in the night a few nights ago. We took him to the Dr., got him what he needed and he is feeling a lot better now. Last night I was so wanting to lounge due to a lack of sleep I think, but there was a parent night at Merit's school and I felt I should attend. I am so glad I did. Vance stayed home with the kids and I, a bit reluctantly, headed to Merit's school.  It was a math night and the information and games that were shared with the parents who attended were so worthwhile and fun! The turnout was really poor which was a bummer  - but I was glad to be there and am thankful the district puts on these parent workshops. While Willem was sick, Hazel was as content as can be... but this morning she had a fussy morning. She is a content baby and when she has fussy days I am much "busier", but it makes me realize how fortunate we are that she is so happy the majority of the time!  Seeing her huge smiles and happy face this afternoon has felt so good. Also, I love it that my sis Natasha has a little baby too - we have many phone conversations bouncing parenting advice and thoughts off of one another. She doesn't seem to hold it against me that I can be a real ditz when I am lacking sleep either! Well, how is that for a bunch of random information on several subjects!?
It's FRIDAY! We get Vance and Merit home for the weekend -- yipeeeee!


Natasha said...

Those pictures of Hazel are so cute! I love how imaginative your boys are! Oh no I don't hold it against you when you are ditzy. I hardly even notice because I am doing the same thing! My head is even more cloudy because of my cold!

Gubler family said...

oh my gosh! that wink is ADORABLE!

Jodi said...

Hazel is a doll. Hang in there. Hope everybody perks up soon!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Hazel winking! Too cute!