Tuesday, March 13, 2018


My cup of coffee tastes extra good this morning. Or maybe cupS of coffee. I suffer from some insomnia but the last month has also brought me some good nights sleep. I usually take magnesium before bed, I think this helps. Last night was not terrible, but the coffee seems to be a morning necessity.

Oren had MANY things to show me yesterday! I wasn't responding quickly enough in his mind, so he finally said "Pretend you are magnetic and I am holding a magnet." 
He is SUCH a joy. He is a challenge too. He is so smart. He is very cautious. He is so much fun. 

Willem's weekend of basketball was his BEST weekend YET!

We blinked and this happened. 
Time FLIES and I will enjoy every second of it! 

I better run ... Dentist appts for Hazel and Oren in a few!

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