Wednesday, March 7, 2018


About four years ago, while in a women's Bible Study at my church, our pastor's wife passed around a meal sign up sheet for a mom with a newborn, she had just had her second baby. The sign up sheet was passed around and maybe three women agreed to take the new momma a meal. Everyone busy, all with kids of their own, some with jobs outside of the home...  Our pastor's wife (who by the way has taught me many life lessons) passed the sheet around again. She said "I know you are busy. I understand. But this young mom, who just brought home her second baby, needs us." She said we could bring a frozen lasagna or Papa Murphy's. It didn't have to be from scratch. It did not have to be fancy. It was what we felt we could do at that time. But she so encouraged us to reach out. I signed the sheet on the second go around. Forever grateful I did.
That momma recently lost a child, a little boy.

Merit read an instagram post last night. The guy sounding depressed, his post somewhat desperate. Merit read it to me. I asked Merit if he had his contacts. He told me he did not have a phone # but could send this boy a message through instagram. It was sort of a "we have to check in moment." -- Prayers being whispered.

A buddy of Merit's recently reported that he does not know who his dad is. A freshman kid, no dad, his mom working her butt off. God bless them. He's a great kid.

I see children not bathed, hungry and in need of encouragement. Giving a kindergarten class a bunch of pancakes, sneaky chef style, with wheat germ and oatmeal is ONE thing I can do. A small thing.

Our elementary P.E. teacher was willing to support Merit's most recent sport fundraiser, she has supported him in the past too. I told her we took a different avenue and asked if she would support a struggling kid. Not only did she, willingly, she said "anytime you know of a kid who is struggling to meet the goal, let me know."

We have had a week of supportive friends reaching out, of kindness, of good stuff.

I hope I never miss the boat.
I pray I can take care of others while I take care of my own family.

I pray I can make a difference.

My heart is heavy but it is also grateful. I GET the opportunity. I SEE where we can help. Our kids are learning this too. REACHING out, making a difference, one step at a time, one day at a time. Thank you God.

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