Friday, April 22, 2016

The chicken memories really started years ago

a long time ago, my dear friend Kristen sent met he book The Chicken Sisters
I love this book. It is about 3 chickens, all sisters - reminded me of me, Lesha and Tasha.
I may love this book even more now that I have chickens.

 While taking a trip down memory lane and visiting Boardman during spring break, we had dinner at the Riverfront. Now called something different. River Grill maybe... anyway when we lived there it was the only "fancy" restaurant in town. We dined there with out of town guests often. But back to chickens, because somehow most of my stories lead back to chickens. When we lived there, a co-worker of Vance's said that he would like to give us some chickens. We had a coop that was there when we bought the house. We told him sure. Mind you, back them I didn't search chicken health on pinterest or subscribe to Hobby Farms. He brought us 12! They were roosters, 12 roosters. Early morning wake up calls cannot be ignored with 12 roosters. My mother in law Adie came when Merit was born and she drove to the Riverfront one night and a rooster had hid under her vehicle. She pulled into the parking lot and a rooster hopped out from under her car! They were not "pets" like today's chickens. And if I remember right, that rooster never came back to our house.
This kid. 
We typically have fun everywhere we go. Even enjoying patio furniture displays at WalMart and sipping on pretend wine.

We love cooling off in the creek! 

I LOVE how this girl explores!

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