Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Joys in April

I have some amazing aunts! 
Many of these seeds are already planted and in the greenhouse, Hazel helped me! Thank you Aunt Meredith!

My Aunt Joan is so talented! 
And this looks so cute in my kitchen!! 
Thanks Joanie!

 Carly's bridal shower was lovely. Painting canvases and visiting with fun ladies... it was great! Celebrating Carly felt really good.

And the venue! I love The Jameson Event Center.

spoons in cute containers with plants or succulents is so fun! I have been metal stamping on some too, but I wish I were better at this! ...  thrift store finds

 I am going to make a bunting out of these fabrics! It will hopefully be at the Redeemed Treasures sale.
 so will these...

These little, hmmm not sure what it is! It has served as a tea light holders, mini vase, storage for buttons or loose change. They will be at Marianne's Redeemed Treasures fundraiser! My friend Marianne and her family have taken a leap of faith and will bring a Chinese orphan here to Moses Lake for three weeks this summer. The hope and prayer is that Dougie may be introduced to his forever family here. Planning this fundraiser has been a joy! Supporting Marianne in this has been wonderful.

youngest and oldest... while camping in Boardman

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