Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring break highlights and more from Boardman

Spring break highlights via my iphone

The kids had early release the Friday before spring break. 
We headed to Carl's Jr for lunch. Oh the ANTICIPATION of a week of FUN, outdoor play, no school, no homework, no early mornings... we could all feel the anticipation.

And then onto Doolittle Park!

Spring break meant more time for chicken fun

On Wednesday we loaded up the camper and headed to Boardman, OR Wanting a trip down memory lane. We had not been there in 12 years! 
When Vance applied for the job in Boardman, we lived in a beautiful house here in Moses Lake and I had just graduated from college. Vance was working nights, driving truck, I was substitute teaching and LOVING it! Vance got the job! We toured the tiny town, pit stop really, Boardman, OR.  I can't really remember what we thought. I think we knew it would be an adventure and we were both up for that. I drove to Lynden the first weekend of March, 2001. I showed my mom pictures of Boardman. That weekend we threw a bridal shower for Kim. My cousin Nathan's wife to be. I went to church at Wiser Lake Chapel that Sunday with my mom. The wonderful pastor there, Rev. Hitchcock, had married us and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear Bert preach and see Bert and Jane. My mom and I went to TJ Maxx then went for a walk that afternoon. I drove home - to Moses Lake - Sunday evening. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see my mom. So, we were in the process of a big job change for Vance, a move, selling a house, buying a house, leaving friends. - When I type this out I am so reminded that if we take one day at a time, placing TRUST in God, we get through it. Thinking of it as a bigger picture feels really daunting but day by day we did it and there were A LOT of memories made in Boardman, OR. 
We had TONS of visitors there. Many made a six hour trek to get there! Both of my sisters were married that summer. The summer after we moved to Boardman, the summer after our mom passed away.

So, back to the TIME in Boardman. Matt moved to Walla Walla while we lived in Boardman. He visited most weekends. The sound of his big dodge pulling up was heavenly! I cooked and baked more in that tiny kitchen than I ever did in our big Moses Lake kitchen. I made more banana bread than most people make in a lifetime. I sent Matt back to his apartment with little care packages each weekend.

We watched a lot of Mariner games in Boardman and we listened to a lot of music. We looked forward to visitors and Vance and I got to know each other pretty well there. He liked his job, I taught as a substitute and loved it. It was time well spent.

Merit was born in Hermiston, OR! He was the best gift we received while living in Boardman. 

Boardman was good. It was lonely at times. Our visitors were treasures. I missed my mom so much while we were there, my heart ached. Having so much time with Merit there while living a "quiet life" was good. We lived out in the country. We flood irrigated! We got pygmy goats - Kris, Mindy, Abby, Carly and Kelcy delivered them! Someone had mentioned to Vance's cousin Duane that we were on the lookout for pygmies and I think we had them 2 weeks later! 

Going back there with 4 kids felt strange and good. We loved sharing that place with the kids! And the campground there was beautiful! Right on the river! With a trail leading the the big hotel and restaurant.

C and D's Burger Joint! the BEST burgers!

We had dinner at the Riverfront! 

My Bday was Thursday. We also came home from Boardman that afternoon. 
Friday the kids and I enjoyed ice cream and a latte in town and just all around fun. 

Red Door Cafe

I enjoyed having spring break be primarily a "stay cation" but adding a short camping trip. 
It was a terrific week.

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