Wednesday, April 6, 2016


This SpRiNg BrEaK so far has been GOOD! 

We had a lot of wind Monday, but otherwise the weather has been great! Vance has the yard looking GREEN! He has already mowed it too. Lots of basketball going on around here, baseball too. Jump roping, gardening, camper cleaning! We will head to Boardman for a night of camping! I can't wait to see our old stomping grounds.

We have mostly been home and I seriously sweep the kitchen floor 4 times a day.

These kids are getting along great ( I lucked out in this department) But Oren has been bossing us around when he gets the chance.

Yesterday we enjoyed fro yo OUTDOORS at Blue Palm.

A Merit quote this spring break that I likely won't forget;

Merit: "Mom, you go thrifting so much Oren is starting to smell like the Senior Center."

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Debra said...

Oh how funny! The things kids say. I love it!