Monday, April 18, 2016

The baseball fields, our second home

Merit played center field
--did a bit of pitching too

Dirt Brothers in Yakima, 10u in Selah -- We were running.
Willem participated in a Math is Cool tournament in Wenatchee Friday night. Competing in math is a sport too, I quickly discovered. And Math is Cool parents get just as "into it" as baseball parents. I am a decent, quiet spectator. I encourage. But when the ump makes a "bad" call or a kid messes something up, nothing really rises up inside of me. Sure I get excited about a great hit or a double play but I lack the passion some of these parents have. I don't know if I should be a little more intense. I will say this, my laid back nature helps me when Oren has three dirty diapers in one game, Hazel has asked for a pretzel and cheese from the concessions (even though I packed PLENTY of snacks) and Oren's favorite place to play is in the dirt. No dust in the teeth this weekend. No wind. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I love baseball.



 Merit on 3rd
Willem at the plate

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