Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Crazy Chicken Lady is back

Their personalities! darling creatures

The last post about me and my sisters weekend may have been refreshing for those 
of you who are not crazy about chickens. ;-)

dirty water and a stick, what a fun combo

So, these chicks seem to have become teenagers! 
They move more quickly. They fly more. They eat and poop more. Their looks change daily
so we really can't tell them apart. Although I have been told Darla is the loudest. Bob Jo Fred is big. He/she has more red on his head.
Today we are getting two more newborn chicks. Leghorns this time. 7 seemed like a good number for us. 5 New Hampshire Reds and 2 Leghorns. And we are hoping there aren't any roosters in the mix, but who knows! Vance talks about eating these chickens some day... ummm hmmmm we'll see. I do know I want to provide a wonderful life for them and am so excited about fresh eggs! I am thinking of starting another blog. Strictly about chickens. I am sure I would have a lot of followers! bahaha! 

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