Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Country Livin'

I think I took 100 pictures on Easter Sunday. I am glad I did.

"Mom, let's be outside together, just you and me. You can work in your garden and water your flowers and I will color." - Hazel Jane age 5

Today was beautiful! I sat outside, drank my cofee and watched the chicks. 
Later in the day I sat in the field with Willem and Hazel while Nellie and the chicks ran around.
Tonight I let two chicks play for a while, out in the tall grass with the purple flowers! They are so darn cute.
I have one more excuse to put off laundry, dusting and bathroom scrubbing. (yikes)

I can't get enough of these girls. 

I thought babies and puppies grew fast. Chicks grow SO fast! 

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