Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It was a MARCH of more JOY less pain

I feel like I CHOSE to see the good this March. I CHOSE to soak up God's blessings. 
I knew my mom would want this of me. 

In the first several years after she passed away, I almost felt like I was holding my breath during the month of March. It was the month that I let myself really mourn. But some days I couldn't gather myself together to do what I needed to do for my family. I would go through old pictures, watch home movies, read some of the cards she wrote me and some days, I sort of sunk into something that was hard. There are many sweet memories and her example was wonderful. SO, I focus on the good. 
I have a very dear friend going through something hard right now and my prayer is that she can support her siblings and that they can support her through this tough time. My siblings have been amazing support --through many of life's hardships. I have a heart hanging in my room. It is a heart that Lesha gave me when I had my miscarriage. That heart and her letter were such encouragement! 

I opened my heart and my mind to blessings this March and there have been many.

okay, so the thrift store blanket is pretty perfect for these girls 

This morning we brought two chicks to Hazel's pre-school for sharing! It was so fun! I loved seeing the boys and girls faces. Hazel is some sort of farm girl! That girl is not afraid of any animals and she certainly isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. I love this! 



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