Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little people, living life, sunshine

I love miniatures.

I love small people too.

A picnic, with two of my favorite people. 
Fresh air, good conversation, yummy food = good for the soul

I love her basalt counter top. Before we know it, we'll be seeing these all over pinterest :) 

This little farm store was my moms. I have several special things like this and when I take them out I think of her. This is usually a fall decoration, but it is adorning my front porch right now. Moms of acquaintances, cousins and friends have expressed such delight in their children and grandchildren - I think I am noticing this on Facebook more than anything. You know when you are having a challenging day and when you see something like this your heart hurts a bit, even though you know you should just be happy for them? I have had a few of these moments. I never like it when I let my heart and mind "go there." I feel happy for my friends and peers who have great relationships with their moms. But the moments when hurt or sadness creeps in are hard. 

Oren did great at his Dr appt. today! And we read Five Little Monkeys about four times and watched an Oswald episode on my phone. The pediatrician got called to the hospital right as we got there so there was a bit of a wait. Oh well, mama and Oren time. And after his immunization, I gave him a couple of conversation hearts. Those candies took away the tears. 

I miss my sisters a ton! Would love a day of sharing mom memories and watching old home movies with them! 

I will say,  I am so encouraged by friends and family! And I love the joy these kids bring! I would love to have "just one more" -- seems I have said that before. My poor husband. I know I am BLESSED and life is good and life is full. 

Back to laundry and then getting Merit for his dentist appt. The sun is SHINING! I have a little boost of energy. The littles and I did a walk and wagon ride too, so good for all of us.


kelly said...

You are so strong Michele! I am in awe of your loving heart & your grace. You are such a wonderful wife, mother & friend - steadfast. You inspire me and I love you girl! xoxo

Natasha said...

I would love a day of reminiscing together!