Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I married a red vine guy.

Our laundry pile is HIGH and I am tackling it this morning, slowly but surely. Drinking lemon water (and also coffee) eating black licorice. Taking breaks for nursery rhymes and clapping games, eating more licorice. My family and dutch licorice and black licorice. It is so a piece of who we are! My grandpa Ken often had a "stash" and he often had the dutch licorice black cats in his pocket. 
My dad's "candy drawer" usually has black licorice in it. My grandma Dorothy had a candy drawer too. I married a red vines kinda guy. And here, many years later, I am still a black licorice/dutch licorice kind of girl and he is still a red vine guy. Marriage teaches us compromise. But hasn't had to when it comes to licorice. 
I smile because there is so much compromise, forgiveness and hopefully laughter in marriage. Vance and I are quite different. But for the most part those differences compliment each other and I just pray we stay strong and carry on. Our family right now is dreaming of the idea of a small barn. I went for a hike with Merit, Willem and Hazel yesterday and asked them if we were to build a barn, where should we put it? (This is a question Vance has asked me. I suffer from impaired decision making, so decided to involve the kids in this one.) I got some good feedback. Willem then asked, "what animals would we keep in our barn?!" He thought maybe sheep and chickens, which is exactly what I have thought. Hazel suggested horses and kitties. Merit would rather see us put a baseball field in. 

It has felt like spring here. These days are so beautiful! Hikes, Nellie swimming in the creek, Oren carrying around sticks, exploring with great friends, breathing in fresh air,soaking up nature! 

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Natasha said...

I love the title... I got some dutch in San Diego. I hoarded it. A barn would be dreamy! Has Merit watched Field of Dreams?? Not sure what it's rated, he should watch it! If you build it, they will come. Too bad for him you might just build a barn and it will be just the animals that come...