Monday, February 9, 2015

Drizzly Days, Pumpkin Pancakes, Beauty

Pumpkin pancakes are a favorite around here. I, however, am never shirtless while making them.
Hazel is very helpful in the kitchen.

We have had a lot of dark, drizzly days. Usually an Eastern Wa winter sees more sunshine. 
Yesterday I was doing dishes, looking out my kitchen window and spotted this bald eagle! 
I got my boots on, grabbed my camera and headed down towards the creek. That fresh air felt so good and this bald eagle was so beautiful! A pretty sight on a dark day! 

Today was brighter. Maria, Emily, Nathaniel, Hazel, Oren and I enjoyed a walk in the country~ and the kids played while Maria and I got caught up. It felt good. This afternoon was a little hectic. --- And tomorrow is busy! Immunizations for Oren, Pre-school for Hazel, a dentist appt for Merit, basketball for Merit ... Maybe we can do take out tomorrow night. :)
Willem, Hazel and I are reading Babe together. The writing is entertaining. This weekend we are going to have popcorn, rootbeer floats and watch the movie.

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Natasha said...

I love that those eagle shots! The eagles are showing up in droves (right word??) right now. Every March there will by hundreds sitting around one area of town. I saw two fighting mid air yesterday, crazy!