Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February's here

This old Century is such a cool boat. 
Vance recently had it at a shop in Moses Lake and had some work done to it. 
It is such a beauty! Vance is having fun fixing it up. 

She adores him. She is so patient with him. Her excitement over his accomplishments is one of the most precious things!!! 

 On the way to and from basketball tonight Will asked "What do you want to talk about mom?" We talked about school and children. He asked me which ages are tough and which are great (while raising kids). I told him that two and three year olds can be challenging (although I LOVE the curiousness and wonder of this age) and that four is one of my favorite ages. He asked me if a child who is almost four is pretty easy. I thought that was cute. I told him that he was 3 years, 9 months when Hazel was born. Their relationship from the first moment was precious. He loved being around her and was so helpful. He loved holding her too.  While driving in the car he would say "I am so glad we have a girl baby!" --- I explained that I still think their relationship is very special, but now, they do some fighting. He said "Mom, we're siblings!" He went on to tell me that he thinks Merit is very mature for his age and this is why Merit doesn't fight with his siblings very often. These conversations. They are so precious. These days. I will never get them back. I LOVE being with these kids. 

Hazel and Estelle (my 4 year old niece in Alaska) were talking on the phone a bit the other day! Those girls! The things they were talking about made me laugh. I asked Hazel to tell Estelle that Lane would be getting a book from us - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - shipped through Amazon. I hear Hazel say "And we sent Lane the book Diary from a Lumpy Kid" - ha!
Hazel, our good buddy Reise and Merit

He picked up this little Bible last night and spent quite a lot of time "reading" it. 
I love this.

How is it already February?! Time is flying by! 
These days are great and busy and sometimes tiring. I usually go for an afternoon cup of coffee. 
This past Monday however, I skipped the coffee and went for a brisk walk with Shannon. That brisk walk and great conversation on a dreary day was a better pick me up than any cup of coffee! 
Okay, time to start our night time bed time routine. Swap out the laundry, brush teeth, read, get to bed... 


Natasha said...

Willem has a sweet personality. Oren looks so big reading that book. :)

kelly said...

Isn't it so wonderful how talking with friends can give us a boost?! I so agree, much more rewarding. love Willem's curiosity!!!

kelly said...

Ps. That boat is so clean!!! I didn't know you guys had this project. Love it!