Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Days

This tournament was fun! 
I really like Wenatchee and sure enjoy watching these boys play! 
Go Thunder!

This game was SO exciting! And yes, we WON! We were guest.

Every single member of our family has "buddies" on the team or through the team. 
These families have become great friends! 

This, today, was a precious moment.

And this

Oren, you are getting big too fast. 
You are SUCH a doll!  --- He is pushing, testing, laughing, squealing, loving, being. He is so amazing. He wears me out and makes me smile! I LOVE watching him with his siblings. I love watching him play. 

He was a joy over the weekend! A few rough moments at the hotel but good at the games and when we went out to eat. It was fun to get out of town for a bit and enjoy basketball, good company and a change of scenery. :)

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Katie Allred said...

I'm so glad you keep up with your blog! It's fun seeing your happenings. Glad you had a great weekend, Oren is getting so big! Oh what a busy, fun boy he will be this summer! Your bathroom makeover turned out so great! Love the color you chose. Fresh for spring! Love you friend!