Thursday, October 2, 2014

These are the days!

I love you Oren Paul

Whenever I go to the fabric department I think of my sis Natasha and my friends Katie A., Shelli and Maria -- I have handmade treasures around my house sewn with love by these ladies! I texted Natasha yesterday and shared that I was buying fabrics for a fall bunting. She informed me that their WalMart in Kodiak doesn't have a fabric department. ugh. No pumpkin patches in Kodiak and no fabric department. And limited a lot of things! So I have decided I will send her some Christmas fabrics to have some fun with -- if she is up for that with a darling newborn.

Our cabin is painted! Vance pretty much picked the color and I love what he picked!

I decided to look back at my blog today.
It has been a joy to document these moments in time, I laughed a bit though because some of our story is told through my blog, but the moments of rushing around, hollering "do I have any clean socks?" and my trying to keep up isn't depicted. Life is full. There are days I am spread thin, but for the most part things are so great. I love the ages and stages of these kids!

We really do soak up these kids. There is a lot of laughter in this house. There is also some tears. There is a lot of working together and some argueing.

I LOVE raising these kids in the country. It is a huge blessing. Running around out here, golf cart rides, gardening, hiking... it is really fun.


Tami said...

I love this post. Heart warming! Your blog is a great journal and your kids will love to go back and read it when they are older.
Have you used Blurb and slurped your blog? Hardcover books, super easy and my guys and their friends love to page through and find themselves.
Enjoy those kiddos!

Les Hon said...

I love reading your blog because it overflows with gratefulness. I don't doubt that there are tears and arguments -- but what you show here is that they are not the most important. Hassles will always be there, but over that is the life of love you are always enjoying. Thanks for your encouragement. I want to do the same!