Monday, September 29, 2014

Crab Creek, Autumn Air

Oren Paul

I was challenged by my friend Sharon to do a Gratitude Post on FB. Three things I am grateful for each day for five days. It has been good! I think I may make it a seven day challenge though because I have several more things I want to list and only one day left. 
Oh I am thankful for this little boy!!! He is such a blessing! A bonus baby who brings us a lot of joy.

Yesterday late morning my Aunt Jill and Jeff stopped by! It was so good to see them. Jill had never visited us in our house in Moses Lake. It was fun to catch up. They are headed back down to Texas after a summer on Whidbey.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon down by the creek. The weather was so beautiful! I love the crisp Autumn air. The boys fished, Vance built a fire. Oren soaked in the sights, Hazel pretended.

This imaginative sweet girl made a "salad." She pretended to have a "camping spot" next to ours. 

The other day it rained off and on all day. 
The rain is a treat here because we don't get much of it. 
Hazel and I ran out and picked flowers for a bouquet for our kitchen. 
We also picked some tomatoes and squash.
I love the above picture of the rain bouncing off of the table.

These homegrown veggies have been a treat.

Grasses along Crab Creek

Vance and me

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

I have two photo shoots tonight, another tomorrow night. 
My camera is out and ready. I love capturing sweet moments in time! 


Tami said...

Wonderful pictures!

Les Hon said...

I second Tami's post! Amazing catch of the rain bouncing -- but I love all of them!