Monday, October 20, 2014

Loving my time with the littles

Tomorrow this girl turns 5! Wow! I can hardly believe it.
She is a delight.
She is so kind. She is the BEST big sister a kid could ask for. She is sensitive, funny, beautiful.

Bought a chair at Goodwill on Thursday and painted it over the weekend. I love this green.

This guy is very comfortable in the kitchen. He LOVES to cook and bake.
And he tells the BEST stories. Lots of jabber, a few words. He loves to play in Hazel's room and he always heads right for her kitchen.
The guys have been on an Alaskan adventure! They get back today. Merit was a little nervous to miss three days of middle school. Things are pretty fast paced up there. I hope he can catch up soon when he gets home. I know Willem has been LOVING Alaska. It is his happy place. I have so enjoyed my time with the little ones! We did lots of exploring and pretending outside. I did a photo shoot with Jay and Maria's kids, I painted my Goodwill chair- I haven't done a project like that in a long time. Editing some recent photo shoots was something I finally had time for.  I started reading a book, An Amish Christmas. We hit the new JoAnn Fabrics, I took them to the Arcade and we just soaked each other up. I realize that I have been running A LOT lately, this down time was really good for the soul. --- Now this week is very busy, so I just have to take each day at a time. It will be fun to see the big boys later today! 


Natasha said...

Love the apple green you chose for the chair! Can't believe Hazel is 5! Oren looks like quite the chef, reminds me a little of Vance :)

Katie Allred said...

Cute chair! I bet that was energizing getting a project done. So cute that Oren loves playing in the it!