Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Merit!!

I will always remember this day! The boys and I met Grandma Adie and Fischer at the park for
lunch. The kids ran off to play before they had finished eating and seagulls swooped in to grab their fries and burgers!
The looks on their faces are priceless!

Acting silly with Grandma Adie!!

It is hard to believe that this boy is 12!! Wow. A middle schooler, a great student, a responsible brother, a fantastic son, a talented, DETERMINED athlete. Merit, you are one cool guy. We are so thankful that you are our son!! Praying today for you and that you continue to make great decisions and that your 12th year is blessed! 


Leah Roy said...

Happy Birthday to your first born!! Such wonderful pictures and memories you shared. The picture of you and Merit is especially lovely. 12 years old, wow!

Natasha said...

I love all those pictures of Merit! He is such a great kid and good influence for Lane! He is so grown up!