Monday, October 13, 2014

soaking up these kids, life on Crab Creek, a good weekend...

She lets him move her furniture around, knock over tea parties with his chunky toddler hands and scoot into her play area. She is the best big sister a kid could ask for. 
On the days that Hazel does not have pre-school in the morning, they will sometimes play in her room for an hour or two. 
Lately when she has her play all set up she sometimes does ask me if I can "extract" him (distract him) so she can finish her game. But she asks in the nicest way. 

What a sweet retreat

Willem Vance

The sky was so pretty Saturday, we had a bit of a storm in the afternoon. We all sat cozied up in the cabin when the little storm came through.

Our whole family got some time at the cabin on Saturday.
Merit, Will and Vance panned for gold. :) 

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