Thursday, September 11, 2014

These days...

It is so fun to walk out to the garden and pick tomatoes, onions, etc! Our nachos were so delicious with home grown veggies. Also, I sure appreciate having a husband who likes to cook.

a praying mantis on our basketball hoop

A praying mantis can turn its head and look over it's shoulder at you! No other insect can do this.

a bee on one of my garden sunflowers

We love these little tomatoes!

My view from the treadmill. 
I, once again, am getting on that treadmill every day - if even for 20 minutes.

Pancakes, in a muffin tin... add what you would like! These were a hit. We made buttermilk pancakes and added wheat germ, ground flax and zucchini. Some also had blueberries or chocolate chips!

This boy. 
He is growing too fast.
He is so sweet. 
I love him SO.

We are praying for those hurting. 
9-11 brings back many memories

Vance's mom lost a brother just recently. 

We are praying for those in need. 
I want for our children to have compassionate hearts. We pray often. We thank God for what he is doing in our lives and we hope to be a bright light in others.  I could actually write on this topic for hours. Merit, especially, is noticing those less fortunate and those who can't come to school "equipped" to learn because of maybe their home life, struggles, etc. I encourage him to help them out when he can and to whisper a prayer.

We got some exciting news this week too! Vance's sister Kelcy is engaged. 
Kelcy and Alex are a cute couple, they respect each other, they have fun together!! This was great news.

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Natasha said...

Those pancake muffins are a great idea!! That picture of Vance using his sharp knives on his wooden cutting board is classic Vance! That is actually what I picture when I picture him at your house, that or driving the tractor or golf cart around... :)