Sunday, September 7, 2014

A little Sunday update...

I found a Lincoln Logs set at Goodwill the other day. We have one other set that my Grandma Alma
gave Merit when he was little. Willem was excited about this and got right to building. He LOVES third grade! And he loves his teacher! But he is a boy who needs unstructured play and down time too!!
I push, push, push to practice spelling words, read together, do homework. He will do it, but wants lots of breaks.
This has been a bit challenging for me, but it is okay we are are still getting into the swing of things with school starting back up. We are finding our routine, we'll get there. I have been busy with photography too so that is just something else that is on my plate, but I do love it. I have no fancy editing programs so I only spend about 45 minutes editing each shoot. I use free online programs. I sure love to interact with families though and it is so fun when the lighting is just right... I am enjoying it and unfortunately have to turn some work down because our family of six is just pretty busy. :)

Hazel loves pre-school.
Merit is really enjoying middle school.
Oren loves HOME.

My brother Matt came to visit last weekend and very quickly he was put to work running chains. :)

Oren, in the stroller, at Merit's football game. This fourth child has seen a lot of sports in his 15 months!

Merit and I cannot get enough of these.

We have zucchini coming out of our ears.

Gardening is so, so fun. I hope to get some things planted for fall! Cooler weather leafy greens and veggies.

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Natasha said...

I want some zucchini to come out of my ears!! Oren is such a good spectator at sporting events!