Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Goodness

My birthday was fun! Yesterday morning I was unloading the dishwasher when Willem said "You shouldn't be doing that! It is your birthday." He then took over... I knew at that point the day was off to a good start! 
The weather was GORGEOUS! :)
We had lunch with Phil (he was passing through town for work). We ate outside at Taco Del Mar. Had a yummy lunch and some good laughs and then he was back on the road. 
We just hung out here yesterday evening. It was so nice. The kids were really excited about the cake that Hazel picked out for me! :) 

Oren had to watch us eat our cake. 

He is the healthiest eating 10 month old we have ever had in this house. We threw some green beans on his tray and he was good to go. I am kidding. He got a Gerber cookie, so he did have a treat. 

Merit being dramatic. 
Love these kids.
Willem loves fire. Can you see it in his eyes? 

My girl! 

Me, very excited on my 29th birthday ;)

pure sweetness


It was a great day.
So many messages from friends, cards and gifts in the mail, love from my family! 

The weather was so warm and nice... Hazel spent the afternoon and evening topless and why not... she is four, we live in the country and she is pretty excited about soaking up this warm spring weather! 

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Natasha said...

Oh 29 is a great b-day huh?! Glad you had a great day!