Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Spring Break 2014 has come and gone. 
Merit and Willem had a well NEEDED break from school! 
The weather was beautiful. The break started off great. 
Hazel and Oren (princess and Super Man) loved having the big kids home.
My highlight of the week were the bike rides I took with the big boys.

We did lots and lots of yard clean up.

Friday morning we headed to Seattle.
At our hotel before the game

Hazel and Ema at the Mariners Game

Matt and Merit

a bunch of our gang

Saturday mid day we spent some time at the Aquarium.
Reise, Hazel and Morgan are pictured above
Hazel LOVES Morgan. 
She told me she was excited for the baseball game (Seattle trip) because Morgan, Ema and Uncle Matt would be there.

I have a tough time leaving home. Oren sleeps so good in his crib and loves his crib.
Road trips and mini vacations are refreshing, but can be stressful. Sometimes I feel like I am playing catch up for days once we get home. We have had bumps in the road lately and this house is a disaster. 
Oren and Hazel are occupied... I better get to work. 
My to do list is really long this week. 

I love these longer days and all of this SUNSHINE! 

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Natasha said...

Spring break is always such a much needed break! A good energizer to get through the rest of the year! Love all the pictures through the week!