Friday, March 1, 2013

A love for ART, our growing baby, HEART update

This little girl likes to have a little "art time" almost every day. Usually she says "I am making this
for mine daddy." Here she is goofing off, having a little snack and working on some paintings.

Speaking of artsy, my friend Maria gave me a BEAUTIFUL valentine.
An altered, encouraging, heartfelt book that she made.

looking through it made me cry!

 I don't have a lot of time for stamping lately and getting out all of the "stuff" can be a
bit overwhelming. Although I do miss it a bit... I have had fun printing off some of my favorite photography and making cards that way.

Baby Update: Our whole family is very excited about our May Baby Boy! Willem and Hazel
talk about him the most. I LOVE the questions Willem asks about how the baby grows and what life might be like once he is in our arms, in our home. He is such a nurturing soul. I am thankful to God that this pregnancy is going well. I love feeling this baby move and kick!! Hazel loves going through baby clothes with me or looking for little boy things at the thrift stores. My next appointment is this coming Tuesday.

Heart Update: Natasha will most likely get a difibrillator this month. She saw an internal medicine doctor in Kodiak who has referred her to an Anchorage electro physiologist. It sounds like they want to get the ball rolling. I think some days this journey feels overwhelming. Peace and acceptance is part of her walk because of her faith and because of prayer. I also know it is never too late to pray for healing. Healing and Protection are my words for 2013. No resolutions this year, but bold of prayers for healing and protection.
Thank you for praying.

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Natasha said...

I love that book that Maria made. What a good idea! Yes, pray pray pray! Acceptance is the hardest part. This is a lifestyle change, one that takes some time, thought, faith, trust in order to accept.