Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little catch up...

I am kind of behind on posting, life has been busy. The laundry pile is high and finding time for homework is a bit of a struggle with these longer days. The kids LOVE playing outside in the the evenings! Basketball is over and baseball is in full swing...

The Broncos had a tournament not this past weekend but the weekend before. It
was a fun weekend. They won two, lost two. These boys have improved a lot throughout the season. Papa Stan and Gramma Adie were here for the weekend so that was fun!! It was great that they could see Merit play too.

Merit, making his foul shot

Papa Stan and Merit played a little ping pong in the shop when they were here.
We had three busy weekends. My dad and Matt were here the first weekend of the month, Papa and Gramma the second weekend and an out of town baseball tournament the third weekend.

This past weekend's tournament was played in Yakima. We camped there, had fun and lots of laughs.
Baseball this early can be COLD! We were so bundled up for Saturdays games! Sunday the weather was better. Merit is shining in baseball and it is really fun to see him play.

Willem's reading is TAKING OFF! We are certainly proud of all of the progress he is making. He is also very good about reading books to his litle sis. Hazel is a sweetheart. This girl keeps me entertained.

I haven't had my camera out much lately, but I do have two photo shoots this weekend so that will change. I do love photography, but chasing three kids and being pregnant with a fourth keeps me plenty busy, so I can't say I pursue it like I might in a few years.

This pregnancy is going by quickly and this baby boy is a mover! I usually get up a couple times in the night. Maybe once to stretch my legs, they have been aching some nights. I usually have to pop a couple of tums during the early morning hours too. I am a little more tired than I was a month ago. All in all I feel good. Once I get moving during the day, I feel great.
And awaiting this blessing is oh so sweet!


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Debra said... are a busy momma... I know it's frustrating at times, but that laundry pile will be there in 5 yrs, but your kids won't be in this moment in 5 yrs. You are an Amazing momma Michele!