Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Night

I love the sound of the rain, I am listening to it right now. Today was a painting furniture, drinking hot tea and getting a few spring things out kind of a day. I want to re-arrange furniture, figure out where our baby boy will have his room and make some changes. I suggested some of this re-arranging, changing up to my brother Matt and Vance last weekend. Knowing these two strong men could make it happen... :) They seemed to like the idea of leaving things right where they are. :) And because I don't have a real plan, maybe it can wait. I do need to keep decluttering and organizing though. School projects and papers are in heaps and the laundry pile needs my attention.

Things don't have to be perfect, but a change for the better is good.

Bible Study was wonderful tonight. I love the challenges we discuss, the passages we look at, the time with wonderful women.

The month of March I always think A LOT about my mom. She went to heaven in March and March is a month of remembering her, thinking of her, missing her and being thankful she was my mom.

My dad brought yellow roses to the hospital after she had me.
Yellow roses always make me think of her.

Tomorrow I have a doctor appt. I love this baby boy! What a blessing he is! It will be so fun to have him join our family.

Natasha is trying to schedule the ICD/difibrillator. Insurance, childcare etc. is not easy. It is hard to be that far from family and be challenged with this, especially so soon after a big move. There are times when this all seems sort of unreal. Things aren't falling into place easily. I talked with her today and I heard a patience in her voice that was really good. She has felt depressed about this, frustrated too --- understandably. But she is also trying to be patient and positive. I pray that things just start to fall into place and that the consultation and procedure go really smoothly. There are two ways of implanting the ICD, under the muscle or over the muscle. The under the muscle is a more extensive procedure and there is more recovery time, but this may be a better option for someone so young. She will learn more about all of this at her consultation. I think it is challenging too that she has a two year old in the house... a very fun, dramatic little sweetie, but someone who really doesn't understand any of these challenges and someone who can't be real understanding during recovery time.

I'll update soon.... M

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