Monday, February 25, 2013

A little Monday morning blog post...

I am so easily distracted. I was born this way. Three projects are waiting for me and I come downstairs to check emails and blog... oh my, but since I am here I will share some pictures from our weekend.

Friday I made a dent in organizing our room. Our closets are small - I dream of a large walk in :) - so I "toted" up some clothes that don't fit, while Hazel rested and relaxed in our bed. She is such a sweet girl, I am crazy about this angel.

I should be trying to break of her of the binkie -
but we are fine tuning the potty training right now and that is a great accomplishment.
She is on an antibiotic for her ears and is having to rush to the toilet due to
some of those darn antibiotic side affects, but she is doing great.

oh I love her personality.
And these hand me down horse pjs... what a hit!
Thank you Maddie A.!

It was a great weekend for shooting some hoops.

Nellie and Haze

Hazel, Vance and Nellie

Now... where was I again? Back to my projects!


Natasha said...

I won't call you and interrupt your projects :) Lane would love hanging out shooting hoops with those guys! I love how Hazel holds her binkies.

Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures!!