Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun Weekend

It was a fun weekend. The weather was beautiful!

Hazel was determined to move this log over to the area where I was sitting. I had plopped myself on a log to watch the kids play. She needed a little help from Willem (Willem always seems to be right there to help a brother or a sista out!)

Pretty proud. And Willem's hands are right there - just in case -

Willem loves riding his motorcycle!

Nellie loved having "her humans" around all weekend. :)

Merit riding down by the creek.

I cleaned the cabin Saturday. It was so fun to go down there for a little bit.
The kids wore themselves out having fun playing outside.
The time outdoors and fresh air was great.


Natasha said...

Okay I am finally going to get back into the blogging world. I can't believe I haven't even been commenting on anyones blogs! What a fun weekend. I love your little cabin, so cozy.

Anonymous said...

So glad that y'all had a fun weekend! Love the pictures!