Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Update

Lots of sunshine this weekend makes for lots of time outdoors.
Nellie is loving having "her people" around. :)

Willem likes motorcycle riding.

Hazel, loving life

I am growing!

Sweet baby boy.

So many matters of the heart being researched and prayed over these days.

I think it feels very strange and difficult that a heart condition that took our mom so suddenly when she was so young is now known to be genetic. We didn't know this before and it is A LOT to digest.
I could write and talk about it quite a bit because I think working through it, researching it and bouncing thoughts, concerns and questions off of friends and family is good. But I also need to be intentional about enjoying the NOW. These kids are at great ages. Life is full of sweet blessings... life is good.
As I try to navigate my way through life, I so often wish my mom was enjoying this journey here with us.
I know she would LOVE being a grandma. I listen to so many women speak so lovingly of their grandchildren and how fun being a grandparent is. It feels sad that our mom couldn't experience it. Since losing her, I hold on very tight to my family. My sisters are my "go to" gals in so many ways. We know everything about eachother and can be ourselves around eachother. I want us all to grow to be old ladies, old ladies who get to soak up grandchildren even. I want my bros to live to be old men.
I am thankful that God hears my prayers of protection and healing. I am thankful too how modern medicine has come such a long way. And it is amazing what cardiology has learned about medications, devices for the heart... there is so much more that can be done now.
God has a plan for each of us. I have to trust His plan.
Praying for Natasha and Reese and kids as they get settled. They have been painting like crazy in their new house! They are learning the life of Alaska, Lane has started a new school, big changes for them and they face them and embrace them boldly.

Our sweet Hazel is napping right now after having a day of exploring and having fun.
Vance and the boys are enjoying some time out at his dads. I think the boys even got to go on an airplane ride. I am sitting in a quiet house, feeling this sweet baby move and kick... oh is he ever a blessing. In the midst of some big stuff, cardiology research and new information to process... he is a constant joy. I am so happy too that my echo last summer looked so good. Pregnancy and childbirth is a lot of work for the heart. It feels like a huge blessing to have my heart in good health as I assist God in growing this miracle.

For those of you who are praying, keep them coming. God can do really big things.


Leah Roy said...


Katie said...

I find it so ironic and also such a God-thing that we both have matters of the contemplate, study and pray over.

What a beautiful post Michele- I love your heart and your complete trust in God. You are such a wonderful example for me, always faithful in prayer and such a loving support to so many. Thank you for always loving our family and praying alongside us through our heart journey.

Natasha and family are often in my thoughts and prayers, as are you! So happy you're relishing this time in pregnancy :) What a joy this baby is bringing!

Debra said...

Michele, you & Natasha inspire me as I read your blogs. It is amazing how far technology has come. I read some of this heart blogs & what the drs. do for these sweet babies or adults is amazing! I will continue to pray for you & Natasha. Awe..the moments of your sweet baby letting you know he's in there full of life.