Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday night

I have had some of my photos printed this week for
cards and a couple for canvas prints.
Makes me excited for spring buds, summer blooms, newborn baby pics...

Hazel had a rough evening last night. Poor sweet girl! Turns out her little eardrum ruptured.
She is so much better now. So, we are using antibiotic ear drops and I hope we won't have to use oral antibiotics too. Too many antibiotics make me nervous... but of course we want to kick this infection too!
She is SO much happier today than she was last night!

So, that is the update on Hazel Jane.

The boys are having a great week. They are excited about Valentine's Day. Willem has all of his class Valentines written already. Merit was hoping to find some NBA Valentines, but might settle for some $1 store sports ones instead. :)
Vance made an awesome dinner tonight. Glad I married a guy who likes to cook! The steamed artichokes were really good and the prime rib was delicious.

Hazel and I had some fun down at the cabin on Sunday.
She loved exploring!


Debra said...

I'm so glad Hazel is feeling better. I hope the ear drops is all she needs. As always your pictures are so beautiful. I love the one of the bench. What a yummy dinner. I'm the only one in my family that likes artichokes. Mike says they are ok. I grew up in a town where artichokes & brussel sprouts were raised like potatoes are here. So I've eaten them all my life.

Anonymous said...

Poor Hazel! That's terrible! I hope she is feeling much better! Your pictures are just beautiful! I am so ready for Spring.