Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I love these Autumn days. The weather is gorgeous. It is good soccer and football weather and these are great days for walks and bike rides. It is also fun to get some fall decorations out. I tried crackle painting this week. I was so inspired to crackle paint some decorative pumpkins. It was a flop!
Wish I knew what I was doing.
I am so proud of our boys and the students they are. Hazel and I spent 30 minutes in Willem's class yesterday and I am so excited about his learning!! Hazel loves visiting the school too, but then decided she was hungry and wanted to go grab some popcorn chicken. This girl knows what she wants.
She is growing up quickly. Today we got her hair cut, quite a bit cut off! I need to get a picture, it is very cute.

The shop... we enjoy seeing the progress each day.

Love this outdoorsman!

Moses Lake

I smiled today when I ran acrossed these pictures! Baby Hazel in her apple sleeper! I thought we would have a brown eyed, brown haired girl based on her coloring at birth, but we sure have a blondie!!

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures! It's getting cooler here and I am not a fan of colder weather. I am a true southerner who loves her 90* days and humidity. I will miss it!